Mike Atkinson

Stylus Singles Jukebox, 6th June 2005

Posted in singles reviews, Stylus by Mike A on June 6, 2005

JoJo – Not That Kinda Girl

Copyright question: with Jojo having nicked the “repeating the same two notes over and over again” trick from R.Kelly – even using the same intervals as the chorus of “Ignition (remix)” – is there a valid plagiarism case to answer, bearing in mind that we’re only talking about two measly little notes? Or is this an all-purpose “public domain” interval – a kind of freeware R&B plug-in – which can legitimately be bandied about as liberally as the generic two-note “toasting” interval of late 1970s roots reggae? It’s a moot point, but I’m leaning towards the “freeware plug-in” point of view. Which doesn’t mean to say that Ilike hearing it plastered all over the place – but least I can try to be fair-minded about it. (6)

Saint Etienne – Side Streets 

I’ve been deliberately avoiding going anywhere near the forthcoming Saint Etienne album, as the anticipatory buzz has been so overwhelmingly positive that I don’t want to spoil the treat. And if this glorious piece of work is anywhere near indicative of the quality of the rest of the album, then it really is going to be a very special treat indeed. “Return to form” doesn’t even begin to describe it; this is the best Saint Etienne single since “He’s On The Phone”, at the very least – and maybe even since “Avenue”. Yes, that good. Simply put: the world is a significantly better place with this single in it. Sorry, am I over-selling? (10)

LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator 

Look, I have been successfully avoiding Forming A Position on the LCD Soundsystem album for months, and I’m bloody well not about to start now, just because someone has bunged out a fresh new promotional tool. It’s not the second coming, it’s not the emperor’s new clothes, it’s just… there. If I went to Trash, or The Cock, or Horsemeat Disco, or wherever it is that the Wacky Hairdo brigade go to these days, then this would probably have picked up all sorts of accumulated resonances over the months – which is all right and proper, and just as things should be. As it is, I’m just left trying to place myself into a suitably über-hip milieu in my head, but failing to make it past the door whore. What do you do, when you can’t place primarily social music into its correct context? In my case, you just say “Yeah, that LCD Soundsystem album, eh? Hmmm. Yeah. Totally.” – and file it away, played three times, on the “spare room in six months time” rack. (7)

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