Mike Atkinson

Secret Machines – Nottingham Rescue Rooms, Tuesday April 4th

Posted in gigs, Nottingham Post, Rescue Rooms by Mike A on April 4, 2006

Big, Serious, Epic, Sweeping, Important. If you feel these qualities have been lacking from much of today’s rock music, then this New York based trio might just be the band for you. Particularly if you still hold a candle for the so-called “shoe-gazing” movement of the early 1990s, as espoused by the likes of Ride and My Bloody Valentine.

Shrouded in smoke, obscured by glaring spotlights, the shadowy performers on stage were all but invisible. Their sound was all that mattered – and what a hypnotic, all-enveloping sound it was.

Throughout the course of a carefully structured set, you were taken on a journey, as isolation, alienation and despair gave way to a tender, lyrical romanticism and a new sense of energy and renewal.

Yes, it was intense – at times almost overwhelmingly so – but with so few bands capable of sustaining such levels of concentrated power, this was a gig to be cherished. Magnificent stuff.

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