Mike Atkinson

Imogen Heap – The Social, Nottingham, Thursday April 6th

Posted in Bodega, gigs, Nottingham Post by Mike A on April 7, 2006

With polite notices asking us to refrain from smoking during Imogen Heap’s set (she had a sore throat), we were afforded a brief preview of pleasures to come. Not very rock and roll, but most pleasant all the same.

Much like Imogen herself, in fact. Exuding an eccentric glamour, with flowers and feathers adorning her gravity-defying birds-nest hairdo, her daffy, jolly-hockey-sticks banter quickly won us over.

This stood in stark contrast to her material: delicate, intimate, intricately woven pieces, delivered with a vocal style that dipped towards Dido, but was more in the tradition of quintessentially English artists such as Kate Bush.

Highlights included an amazing opening number, sung unaccompanied, but sampling itself as it went along, so that the accumulated vocal layers formed a kind of impromptu backing band. Forthcoming single “Goodnight And Go” drew cheers from an impeccably respectful audience, but its sublime new B-side “Speeding Cars” hinted at glories yet to come.

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