Mike Atkinson

Voodoo Spooktacular: The Puppini Sisters – The Social, Nottingham, Tuesday October 31

Posted in Bodega, gigs, Nottingham Post by Mike A on October 31, 2006

To celebrate Halloween, a “burlesque” evening was staged at The Social, featuring a variety of cabaret turns. The stylish, glammed-up crowd had certainly made an effort – but sadly, this wasn’t matched by the organisation of the event.

The Straight Razor Angels – a blues-rock three-piece, in the tradition of George Thorogood – were an unlikely choice of support. Apologising for their lack of suitably “scary” songs, they turned in a tight, energetic set.

After a couple of mildly amusing but under-rehearsed interludes, heavy on “suggestive” balloon-popping and the lingering removal of gloves, we were kept waiting for an unnecessary and uncomfortable forty-five minutes, in the steadily building heat. Down at the front, a woman fainted, and was carried off across the stage.

The immaculately coiffured Puppini Sisters specialise in 1940s swing, mixing Andrews Sisters standards with clever re-workings of more contemporary pop tunes. Sometimes, as with a slinky I’ve Seen That Face Before and a nifty take on Heart of Glass, this worked well – but a pointless stab at The Smiths’ Panic stretched the novelty too thin.

In a sophisticated cabaret bar, their act would have gone down a treat. In this sweaty rock venue, it all fell rather flat.

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