Mike Atkinson

Laura Veirs – Nottingham The Maze, Tuesday February 12th

Posted in gigs, Nottingham Post, The Maze by Mike A on February 12, 2008

Her manner might be gentle and bookish, her songwriting might be quiet and introspective, but Laura Veirs knows a good ferris wheel when she sees one. “We went round the Nottingham Eye five times!”, she exclaimed. “That’s five quid per time! I thought it would only be once; that would be more American.”

Although technical problems forced her to abandon the live looping equipment halfway through the second number, Laura retained a relaxed, conversational demeanour throughout her solo acoustic set. Rather than plugging her latest release Saltbreakers, she drew on material from five of her six albums (“but not the first one; that was dumb”), offering to mail us her sold out CDs personally after the tour finishes.

Laura’s compositions tend towards the contemplative and abstract, with echoes of Kristin Hersh’s 1990s work. Drawing on images from mythology and the natural world – dragons and mermaids, nightingales and butterflies – her enigmatic lyrics require close concentration. In this respect, The Maze proved an ideal venue. Although packed to capacity, the silence was unbroken throughout, save for a “free improv” massed whistling session halfway through.

An excellent version of Wrecking closed the set, to sustained and deserved applause.

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