Mike Atkinson

Yazoo, Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, Wednesday June 11

Posted in gigs, Nottingham Post, Royal Concert Hall by Mike A on June 11, 2008

Yazoo’s recording career might have been brief, but it was certainly prolific. Between March 1982 and July 1983, Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet released twenty-five songs, spread over four singles and two albums. Last night at the Royal Concert Hall, twenty-five years after splitting, they performed all but four of them, to a loyal — not to say patient — bunch of fans, who greeted them like old friends.

Mindful of their limited visual interest on stage, the duo beefed up their show with a giant neon lighting rig and a series of illustrative back projections: an orbiting planet for Mr Blue, a swinging red light bulb for In My Room, kitsch patterned wallpaper for Goodbye 70s, vintage arcade games for Bad Connection.

In musical terms, a similar beefing-up exercise had taken place. Although Vince Clarke’s re-worked backing tracks didn’t stray too far from the sparse, stark originals, his re-arrangements lent them a renewed power, making full use of the three-dimensional sound system. During Ode To Boy in particular, the simple synth lines bounced from wall to wall, creating a shimmering mesh of sound.

For Alison Moyet, the tour has been an opportunity to perform some of the later Yazoo songs for the first time, completing what she has described as “unfinished business”. Whether bopping away on the dancier numbers (SituationDon’t Go) or losing herself in the darker ballads (Winter KillsMidnight), her enthusiasm for the task at hand was infectious.

Highlights for the committed fans included a newly added Walk Away From Love, performed for only the second time. As for the nostalgia brigade, set opener Nobody’s Diary and the inevitable final encore Only You (“They used it on The Office Christmas special, I was so happy!” beamed Alison) were greeted with fond smiles of recognition.

Yazoo’s live reunion might only be brief, but last night’s show proved that their music is timeless.

Set List: Nobody’s Diary, Bad Connection, Mr. Blue, Good Times, Tuesday, Ode To Boy, Goodbye 70s, Too Pieces, In My Room, Anyone, I Before E Except After C, Walk Away From Love, State Farm, Sweet Thing, Winter Kills, Midnight, Unmarked, Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I), Situation, Dont Go, Only You.

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