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Sausage Party

Posted in interviews, Nottingham Post by Mike A on November 28, 2008

They may be the biggest band to emerge from this part of the country in years, but Castle Donington’s Late Of The Pier are in no hurry to play a major home-coming gig just yet. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Instead, the band’s next Nottingham gig, which takes place on Sunday, will be in a tiny venue called the Chameleon Arts Café, above Clinton Cards on Angel Row. And since the venue only holds around a hundred, tickets inevitably sold out within a few hours.

The night in question, which rejoices in the name of Sausage Party, is the joint brainchild of the band and promoter Ricky Haley, best known locally for his wildly successful Liars Clubnights.

Mike Atkinson caught up with Ricky this week, to find out more…

How did the idea for Sausage Party came about?

As you have probably noticed, Late Of The Pier are doing alright for themselves of late. I’ve been running Liars Club since March 2003, and the boys from the band used to meet up there, with the aim of one day being the house band!

Well, they’ve probably shot a bit too high, and are too big to play every week. So we thought: let’s do it anyway, but give it a name that plays down the hype and squeeze it into an even tinier venue.

Sausage Party was just a fun name that I had. When I worked on the door of The Social, you would get groups of lads pushing their faces against the window, and then wheeling away saying “Come on, let’s go somewhere else, it’s a bleedin’ sausage party in there.” In other words, there were no girls!

The whole idea, what with myself being a full time tour manager and the band being on tour all the time, is that we are finding out about new music from constant touring, and then bringing this weird bunch of ideas back and feeding it to the Nottingham party monsters. You never know quite what you’ll get in a sausage!

Are the band going to have a continuing involvement in future Sausage Party nights? And will there still be future Liars Club nights elsewhere?

Liars Club is myself in the third person, really. I run it all myself, unlike a lot of club nights, and it gets a bit much. This is why I occasionally do co-promotions with other like-minded promoters, such as Damn You, Exalt Exalt, Mantile, INVSBL FKRS etc.

I decided to stop my weekly Saturday at Stealth in May, and took a four month break which coincided with the Dot To Dot festival happening. I really needed a break to keep myself excited in running events. So Liars Club happens on an impromptu basis these days.

Late Of The Pier may not always play live at Sausage Party. But they will curate, promote and DJ at the nights, which will be reliant on having myself and the band, plus a line-up of other acts, in the same place at the same time. It will take some doing, but when it happens, BE THERE!

What led to you choosing the Chameleon Arts Café as a venue? 

We decided it was a perfect setting, as the guy that runs it is a real crazy character and the venue itself is like someone’s living room. It has real character and anything goes. It’s secreted enough to keep the riff raff out, and makes it seem like a house party amongst friends

This all sounds, dare I say it, a bit elitist. Then again, there’s something to be said for tight-knit, closed communities, as a lot of creativity can come from them. What’s your take on that?

Liars Club always used to be called elitist, but to be honest I tried doing loads of free entry nights, and they just filled with people who weren’t really interested. They just ended up intimidating the crowd who were there for the music, and who wanted to escape that kind of thing.

Late Of The Pier specifically wanted to do a small intimate venue, and it’s not elitist to want to do a show for the people who have supported the band since Day One. Without this show, there wouldn’t have been another one until 2009 – but that one will hopefully be bigger and better than anything before.

What’s the best advice for people wanting to come along to future events?

If people want to keep informed, they can search out the Sausage Party Facebook group, and we’ll have a website and a MySpace page, but we don’t really intend on handing out flyers or posters at this stage.

I also gather that you’ll be giving away CDs at the door on Sunday night. What can we expect on those?

Oh yes. I’m due to meet the band this week, as we both have a few days off. We will be sitting in our living room, and running a little conveyor belt of CD burning and labelling as a thank you to everyone who is coming to the night. Expect new unreleased music, and plenty of gems that we have dug up from here, there and everywhere. I don’t want to see them on eBay after Christmas, either!

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