Mike Atkinson

Basement Jaxx – Nottingham Rock City, Tuesday April 21st.

Posted in gigs, Nottingham Post, Rock City by Mike A on April 22, 2009

Two and a half years on from their last album, it feels like Basement Jaxx are itching to get back in the game. Instead of waiting for their forthcoming album Scars to be released (it’s due in May or June), they’ve broken with convention, touring the new material before anyone has a chance to hear it elsewhere.

Perhaps the purpose of this tour, which kicked off the night before in Newcastle, is simply to remind us that Basement Jaxx are still a going concern, and anything but a spent force? If so, then it’s a canny if unusual move.

The new stuff sounds good enough – particularly the addictively thumping new single “Raindrops”, which the band had only performed once before – and appetites were duly whetted for the recorded versions, which will include guest spots from the likes of Yoko Ono and Lightspeed Champion.

But it was the band’s sterling back catalogue which the capacity crowd had come to hear, and it was songs like the strident “Good Luck” (which opened the show), the ridiculously cheery 1920s throwback “Do Your Thing” and the relentlessly building momentum of Slarta John’s “Jump N’ Shout” which drew the loudest cheers from the surprisingly youthful audience.

The ten-strong line-up divided equally between the musicians and a fluctuating team of up to five guest vocalists, whose every re-appearance signalled yet another change of outfit. The outfits drew heavily on early 1980s hip hop influences, with plenty of bold primary colours, and the brilliant computer-generated animations at the back of the stage continued this bright, colourful theme.

As ever, the core creative duo of Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton kept a relatively low profile, allowing free rein to the crew at the front of the stage. The diva-esque Vula Malinga was as loveably sassy as ever, the more lithe Joy Malcolm busted some amazing dance moves, and the interaction between all the performers felt fresh, spontaneous, sometimes cheekily provocative, and always full of fun.

The 100-minute set peaked with a thunderous, roof-raising “Where’s Your Head At”, which had pretty much everyone in the room pogoing on the spot and furiously pumping their fists. Bizarrely, it was prefaced by the opening lines of “Three Times A Lady”, which cut off just as Lionel Richie was telling us that “there’s something I must say out loud”. The Jaxx are never anything less than eclectic, and their spirit of inclusion and open-mindedness is one of their greatest strengths – but who would have guessed that dear old Lionel would rank as one of their muses?

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