Mike Atkinson

Shontelle ft. Akon – Stuck With Each Other.

Posted in singles reviews, The Singles Jukebox by Mike A on April 23, 2009

Sheesh, what a hackfest! Diane Warren is nothing if not versatile, and there’s little to indicate her compositional hand at work (other than the usual stultifying lack of inspiration, originality or passion – but that’s a given). Meanwhile, Akon is no slouch when it comes to whacking the Autotune up to 11 and hitching a ride on the “ft” bus – but beyond that, he’s as functionally useless as ever. (What, and you were seriously expecting rapport?) This is the bastard child of “Hate That I Love You”, intoned by a bored girl and a robot on autopilot, whose utter indifference to each other is mirrored by both lyric and performance.

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