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THePETEBOX – Future Loops

Posted in album reviews, LeftLion by Mike A on June 21, 2012

(originally published in LeftLion magazine)

Although he first made his name as a beatboxer, the term scarcely begins to describe the full range of Pete Sampson’s capabilities. Making good on the promise of last year’s YouTube cover of The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind (which has already notched up over two million plays), Pete has expanded the concept for his debut album.

Just as before, all the tracks are performed entirely live, and each is accompanied by a performance video, giving viewers a glimpse of how the music is stitched together. Looping and layering his vocals and guitar, Pete builds these richly detailed tracks from scratch, turning himself into a one-man band.

Stylistically, we’re leaning into indie-rock territory rather than hip-hop, as evidenced by covers of MGMT (Kids) and Nirvana (Lithium) – but the scope is broad enough to encompass the drum and bass of Fugue In DnB Minor, the brassy blues of V.O.D.K.A. (both original compositions), and even a Beach Boys track.

Watch and listen to Future Loops.
Buy Future Loops.

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