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Cantaloupe – Teapot EP

Posted in LeftLion, singles reviews by Mike A on June 21, 2012

(originally published in LeftLion magazine)

Representing three-fifths of the late lamented Souvaris, who played their farewell show in February, Cantaloupe retain elements of their parent band’s approach, whilst forging a distinctive new path of their own.

The four instrumental tracks on this debut release are shorter, brighter, snappier propositions, with John Simson’s retro-futuristic synths placed in the foreground. Opening track Teapot and closing track Horse are relatively straight-up, four-to-the-floor affairs, with a sunny, bubbling, krautrock-like, early Stereolab feel; you could almost imagine them soundtracking an optimistic promotional film for an early Seventies shopping precinct.

The music dips into more reflective waters on Hubbub and Scuttle, which re-introduce the players’ fondness for tricky time signatures, and their knack for making seem like the most natural thing in the world. There aren’t many bands who would introduce a track as their “disco number” at a gig, and then proceed to play it in 10:4 time – and even for that alone, Cantaloupe should be cherished.

Preview on Bandcamp.
Pre-order / buy the EP.
Read more about Cantaloupe.

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