Mike Atkinson

The Cult Of Dom Keller – self-titled album

Posted in album reviews, LeftLion by Mike A on October 26, 2013

Originally published in LeftLion magazine.

Part-assembled from reworked EP tracks and part-funded via a successful Kickstarter project (although the £1000 “have a date with our manager” pledge went unclaimed), The Cult Of Dom Keller’s debut album offers a long-awaited treat for fans of heavy psychedelic noise. It opens with the grungey Wild West twang of Swamp Heron, which steadily accrues intensity before unleashing a searing acid-rock guitar solo, couched in feedback and effects. Keyboards make their entrance with Eyes, whose vocals are mixed relatively high – you can even catch the odd lyric – before being submerged in swampy reverb for most of the remainder. The exultant squall of Worlds marks Side One’s midway high-point, but by the start of Side Two, things have taken a doomier turn. You Are There In Me nods towards Crystal Stilts’ lysergic garage rock, Nowhere To Land picks the pace up, and the journey ends with All I Need Is Not Now, an epic, all-consuming drone.

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