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Gallery 47 – Fate Is The Law

Posted in album reviews, LeftLion by Mike A on July 31, 2011

(Written for LeftLion magazine)

Once a band, but not for long, Gallery 47 has become the alter ego of 21-year old Jack Peachey, who wrote these sixteen songs while studying English at Nottingham University.  Newly graduated, his student existence drawing to an end, Jack is already gaining some distance on his compositions, recognising them as the work of a young man in varying stages of emotional turmoil.  They are “a lot more about feeling a particular way at a certain time”, he explains, rather than being “about finding or explaining something which is ‘right’ or ‘true’ about life or society”.   Instead, the material has been ordered “precisely to show how wrong I’ve been at certain moments;  call it delusion or naivety, or just being young.”

A case in point is House At The End Of The Road, written while Peachey was so wrapped up in the aftermath of “a particularly horrible break-up”, that he failed to spot a nearby short-stay home for child cancer patients.  The guilt which seeps into the song rears up again in Critic, which traces the singer’s confused reactions to a city centre beggar.

Wary of being pinned to specific interpretations, Peachey keeps some of his lyrical meanings private and hidden.  Coupled with the austerity of his production – for this is essentially a solo acoustic album, lightly augmented with occasional overdubs – this can present certain challenges for the listener.  On the other hand, there is nothing but pleasure to be mined from Jack’s sweetly piercing vocals, and the dextrous fluidity of his playing.

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